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The Gold Standard in Total Body Composition Assessment

DEXA Plus scanners are considered the gold standard in total body composition assessment for optimizing health and human performance. DEXA is the technology of choice by leading sports medicine programs for pro sports teams in the NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS, D1 Athletics, the Olympics, as well as medical settings in executive health and age management. They trust DEXA technology for its precision, accuracy and data-driven insights that can help their clients lose fat or build muscle in key areas.

Why is the DEXA the most accurate way to measure body composition?

  • With low dose x-ray in a short total body scan, a DEXA scan is the only accessible technology that can differentiate between lean tissue, fat and bone. In contrast, CT and MRI are either prohibitive due to significantly more radiation exposure or cost. This three compartment model offers the most accurate and precise snapshot with segmented analysis of arms, legs, trunk and total body.
  • The Advanced Body Composition assessment provides detailed information about body fat, lean mass, bone mass, and visceral fat – the metabolically active fat often associated with diabetes and other metabolic syndromes. It also includes a Fat Mass Index (FMI) which is an obesity classification that measures the ratio of fat mass to height squared.3 While BMI is a measure of excess weight, FMI is a measure of excess fat, a significant difference. BMI may misclassify muscular subjects as overweight or individuals with low body weight as normal even if they have high levels of fat.

How Dr. Davis uses DEXA in his practice

Dr. Davis explains how he uses DXA technology to detect early metabolic syndrome even when his patient’s hemoglobin A1C levels are normal. He also discusses how DEXA assesses:

  • Visceral Fat
  • High insulin levels
  • Body Composition
  • Bone Density
  1. Next Steps

If you’re looking to make a real difference in the lives of your patients, start measuring their bone health and body composition with a DEXA scan.

Contact us today to learn how to properly implement a DEXA scanner into your practice to help your patients and generate additional revenue streams for your practice.

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