functional medicine

The Birth of Functional Medicine

The popularity of Dr. Davis has continued to soar over the last few years. This newfound fame is not just from his achievements in the medical line, but also for all that he is doing to make the wellness process an inside-out process. It is to this effect that he started his new wellness practice last year. The new wellness practice which he nicknamed “review vitality” was meant to serve as a functional medicine that will help give patients encompassing health, and not just the usual prescription medicine they are used to.

The Background and Problem

Dr. Davis was prompted into this new practice out of his concern for the state of the healthcare system and the way medicine is practiced. It didn’t make sense to him that patients will spend 6 minutes with medical practitioners during consultations. He realized that such a time is too short to cover all issues needed to be discussed by the patient. Hence, his decision to try something different.

The Solution

Having been fed up when the system of describing medications for every time a patient complains of illness, Dr. Davies thought of a better way to empower patients with the knowledge needed to take control of their own lives. Hence his research into this new kind of medicine. To him, this is not necessarily a new type of medicine, but a different kind of medicine, which he called functional medicine. This alternative is made to look at the root causes of the disease process and not just handle it on the surface level like conventional medicine.

Action on Toxins

The other part of this technique is essential. It’s about getting the toxins out of the body. Dr. Davis’ functional medicine will not only get the toxin out but will teach patients how to prevent the toxins from building up again. This is a solution that motivates people to be proactive rather than to be reactive. So far, it has been effective as hundreds of people no longer have to live in anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

It is a practice of medicine worth trying as the results are incredible!

How Dr. Davis uses DEXA in his practice

Dr. Davis explains how he uses DXA technology to detect early metabolic syndrome even when his patient’s hemoglobin A1C levels are normal. He also discusses how DEXA assesses:

  • Visceral Fat
  • High insulin levels
  • Body Composition
  • Bone Density
  1. Next Steps

If you’re looking to make a real difference in the lives of your patients, start measuring their bone health and body composition with a DEXA scan.

Contact us today to learn how to properly implement a DEXA scanner into your practice to help your patients and generate additional revenue streams for your practice.